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If he isnt choking me, he is doing something wrong. Sexual Asphyxiation is that silver lining everyone should appreciate. What is sex without pressure, and what is pressure without the build up...i'll tell you, its nothing. 

Let’s make one thing clear, men are simple creatures. Clearly, this leads to a female advantage. Let me tell how you giving excellent head can impact your entire relationship.

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Ahhh....Sexual Chemistry...the human version of imprinting.  We are all too familiar with the signs...vicious butterflies in your stomach, increased heart rate, flushed skin...all physical responses to that tingle you get when you see or think of that special someone.

Asking someone what their Zodiac sign is, is probably one of the top 5 questions asked when you first meet someone. Then, we spend a crazed night googling their compatibility and planning our entire future. What does your sign say about your love life?

Im not going to lie, sucking toes might be taking the freak to the next level. There is something a bit forbidden about it. Here is why it might be the fetish for you....

There is something about a man savagely palming your breasts that gives you a primal feeling. The pinching of the nipples, the licking, the sucking...nipple play is no joke.

What Does Your Sexual Spirit Look Like?

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